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virtual communities

Empowering the voices of emerging world class creative change-makers.

A vibrant journey through expressive arts processes and pathways.

We specialize in innovative and collaborative virtual engagement.

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“Marcus has facilitated, and organized some of the most memorable and impactful community events and groups that I have attended which profoundly affected my life.”

Nicole Bodnaresk

Musician, Consultant, Designer


What we offer

Tools To Integrate Your Life’s Journey

Course Library

Step by step courses to integrate what you have truely learned in your life.

Community Tool Shack

Connect, Collaborate, and Create mutual success.


Weekly and Monthly gatherings, classes, and ceremony.

“Your assignments are like the buddhist texts,┬ásimple. You think “this is obvious, of course I’ve got this, but in reality you are lightyears away from being able to do it.”

Gayle Michaels

Anthropologist, Writer, Sexologist

A Path To Integrate Your Life’s Journey

Storytelling School

Find the medicine in your life’s most important stories.

Vocal Empowerment

Flow state. Confidence to share the power of your message, and song.

Peer Mentoring

Creating mutual success with our collective experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Challenges &

Deep Dives

Monthly themes to explore, heal, and grow together.

Facilitator Training

Train in the art of facilitating groups

“Marcus is a superb and professional facilitator. He adapts to the needs and tone of the participants. He brings a blend of evidence based teaching coupled with mindfulness and wisdom. I highly recommend working with him.”

Gail Matheson Ph.D

Senior AVP Customer Relations, CWB

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“Ultimately, that’s why we exist,

to inspire the next generation to be unafraid,

and to use and find their voice.”


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Newsletter Title

Provide a compelling reason to join your newsletter. Tell them what to expect.