Who You Are

Who is your audience? Who do you serve? Be clear so when your ideal audience lands on this page, they think “this is for me!”

Name their challenge(s), hopes, dreams, fears. Prove that you understand them.

Who I Am

Now that you’ve connected with your audience, use this section to introduce yourself. Convey empathy (“I understand you”) and authority (“I know how to help you”).

What We Can Do Together

Now introduce the ways in which you can help your audience on their journey. What do you offer that they will find valuable? Explain what they can expect if they follow you.

man wearing white V-neck shirt

“A concise and potent testimonial that backs up your claims and conveys social proof. Keep it bite-sized and to-the-point. Less is more.”

Guy Hamilton


What Happens Next

How would you like to invite people to engage with you further?

What is the journey you are taking them on?



What is the first thing people need to take to start their journey with you? What is an easy first step?



What does our ongoing engagement and connection look like? What can people expect in the process?



How can your audience get access to your best, most transformative work? What is the ultimate result?

Newsletter Awesomeness

Give people a compelling reason to subscribe. “Weekly updates” isn’t enough. Make a newsletter that’s so good, people can’t wait for the next one. Attention is our most precious asset. Honor it!

“Ultimately, that’s why we exist,

to inspire the next generation to be unafraid,

and to use and find their voice.”


2021 Your Brand

Newsletter Title

Provide a compelling reason to join your newsletter. Tell them what to expect.